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Wooden puzzle in the form of a dog, fun puzzle, colourful puzzle


Ideal for counting and number recognition

10 piece educational puzzle

Learn numbers in a fun way

Cultivates colour and shape cognition in children 

Fun and challenging toy to develop intelligence

Develops children's patience and concentration



Helps children strengthen their understanding of numbers, while exercising their hand grasping skills and also works their brain to better understand shapes.

Interesting toy that trains logical thinking, patience, attention, fine motor skills and memory.

Good for developing and exercising patience, potential, assembly skills and hand-eye coordination. Promotes dexterity.

Perfect gift for a birthday or other special occasion.

This toy is a very traditional children's toy.

Each piece is individually cut with a scroll saw.

Made of Douglas fir, fir or pine.

Carefully hand-painted

Non-toxic paint and varnish

Bright colours

Especially safe for children

From 18 months

Size: Length 18 x Height 17 x Thickness 1,8cm

Data sheet

  • Non toxic paint and varnish

  • Cut with a scroll saw

  • Made of sapin, pin or Douglas fir

  • Especially safe for children

  • Puzzle of 10 pieces

  • Carefully hand painted

  • Wooden puzzle

  • Bright colours