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Cute Wooden Flying Dinosaur


Cute flying wooden dinosaur, Beautiful hanging decoration, Unique gift for newborns, Room decoration, Bright colours, For nature lovers, Suitable for boys and girls. 

This hand carved wooden dinosaur would be perfect to hang over a baby's bed, by the front door or perhaps in the hall. Wherever you hang it, you'll find many admirers for it.

The wings make elegant and gentle movements when the string is pulled.  It will become your favourite pet!

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An unusual and elegant home decoration with a relaxing meditative effect.

Each dinosaur is made with our own hands, we put our heart and soul into it and hope they find the best home!

This unique dinosaur mobile will entertain the little ones. 

It is the perfect gift for a birthday or any other special occasion.

It would be a special gift for a newborn baby and would be suitable for both boys and girls.

It is also a great gift for anyone who loves nature.

A perfect and unique gift for you and your loved ones, a favourite toy for children.

Each piece is cut individually with a scroll saw

Made of Douglas fir, fir or pine

Carefully hand-painted with non-toxic paint and varnish

Especially safe for children

Dimensions: Wings 79cm x length 37cm x height 20cm x thickness 6mm

Data sheet

  • Non-toxic paint and varnish

  • Cut with a scroll saw

  • Made of sapin, pine or douglas fir

  • Especially safe for children

  • Mobile decoration

  • Adjustable string

  • Hanging ornament

  • Dims : Wings 79cm x length 37cm x height 20cm x thickness 6mm