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Wooden Puzzle or Ornament Hippogriff (½ eagle, ½ horse )


Magnificent Wooden Puzzle or Ornament Hippogriff (½ eagle, ½ horse)

A hippogriff is a legendary creature, believed to be the offspring of a griffon and a mare. It has the head of an eagle with claws, the rest of its body being that of a horse.

The hippogriff was therefore a symbol of impossibility and love. It is said that the hippogriff, in legends, is much faster, stronger and more intelligent than his father, the griffon, apparently travelling at "lightning speed".



A stimulating 16-piece puzzle made of fir, pine or Douglas fir. 

It can stand up to make an ornament. And for fun, you can take it apart and put it back together again.

The ideal gift for a birthday or any other special occasion

For those who love unusual puzzles

Good for developing and practicing patience, potential, assembly ability and hand-eye coordination 

This puzzle would be a great addition to the coffee table in your living room, bedroom or office.

The puzzle would be perfect in their office or on a shelf

Each piece is cut individually with a scroll saw.

Finished with stain to show the beautiful grain of natural wood

Waxed to obtain a smooth finish

Not suitable for children under 5 years old.

Due to the details, there are sharp edges and smaller pieces, which is not recommended for young children.

Data sheet

  • Made of sapin, pine or douglas fir

  • Waxed and polished to obtain a smooth finish

  • Coloured with dye

  • Cut with a scroll saw

  • Dim : L.17 x H.24 cm

  • Puzzle or ornament of 16 pieces