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Retro Wooden Bat and Ball Game


This simple toy is a version of the classic game of Bilboquet. Just get the ball through the hole.

This modern update on a retro favourite challenges players to swing a ball into the air and get it through the hole at the end of the toy's sturdy handle



It looks simple enough: pick up the paddle, gently swing the ball in an arc and have it fall through the hole in the other end of the paddle

However, it is a great test of hand-eye coordination. It takes much more subtlety than is anticipated. After you practice for a while you can definitely get it in the hole much more often

Crafted of pine for hours of active play, the brightly coloured wooden ball is attached by a durable cotton cord for added safety

Nostalgic, timeless and just as FUN as you remember, your own children or grandchildren will love swinging the ball up in the air and getting in through the hole —playing indoors, outdoors, alone or with opponents

Encouraging hours of old-fashioned play while enhancing hand/eye coordination, this retro wooden toy makes a great birthday gift or for any other occasion

Suitable for children ages 5 and over

Dims : 21cm long x 8cm wide x 1,8cm thick with a 3cm diameter ball

Data sheet

  • Non toxic paint and varnish

  • Cut with a scroll saw

  • Made of pine

  • Especially safe for children

  • Wooden bat

  • Carefully hand painted

  • Bright coloured ball on string

  • Dims : 21cm long x 8cm wide x 1,8cm thick with a 3cm diameter ball